Non Fog Mirror For Shower

non fog mirror for shower

It’s easy for men to get facial cuts when they shave in the shower. That’s because they aren’t able to see what they’re doing, when they glide the sharp blades over the surface of their skin.

A regular mirror won’t work. The steam of the shower will make the reflection foggy. It’s sad to see what happens because of reduced visibility. Many a morning, my husband has dashed out the door, with little pieces of tissue stuck to his face, because he’s cut himself shaving.

But there is a solution.


Non Fog Mirror for Shower


The Shavewell Company Original Fog Free Mirror is designed for visibility when you shower. It stays fog free because it maintains the same temperature as the warm water. So there’s no condensation, as you see when warmer air hits the cooler surface of a regular bathroom mirror.

What’s different with the Shavewell is that it’s made to work in the shower. You simply hold it under the warm water or a few seconds to warm it up.

This mirror hangs on a hook, which attaches to your shower wall with adhesive hooks. This would make a great Father’s Day present or a birthday present.

Fog Free Shower MirrorFog Free Shower Mirror