Novelty Animal Oven Gloves

novelty animal oven gloves

Are you sick and tired of roosters? Then you might be ready for alligators, shark, moose, pink flamingos and other unusual oven mitts.

Rooster-themes are common kitchen accessories. Some might say they’re too common. You’ll find red roosters on towels, cookie jars and oven mitts. Perhaps it’s time for something really different.

How about an oven mitt that looks like a shark, ready to take a bit out of your piping hot pan as you pull it out of the oven? Or maybe you’d like to bring some green alligators into your kitchen for a little Cajun spice. Or perhaps a moose or even a pink flamingo.

Here is a selection oven mitts that go above and beyond what they’re really needed for.

Novelty Animal Over Gloves

Moose and lobster go together well because they are both symbols of Maine, where many have vacationed. It’s believed that 76,000 moose now live in Maine, the last time state wildlife officials tried to count them.

Moose Oven Mitts

It’s only a guess, because it would probably be impossible to pinpoint every single one of these reclusive and solitary creatures. The good news is that the moose population in Maine, and elsewhere, appears to be on the upswing after the animals were hunted to the point of near extinction in North America. One or two of the animal-themed oven mitts on this page would make a great present or a housewarming gift.

Moose Oven MittsMoose Oven Mitts


Lobster Oven Mitts

However, I don’t think anybody has tried to count all the lobsters that lurk in the waters off the coast of Maine. It’s safe to say there are a lot of them though. Maine is the leading lobster supplier in the United States.

Lobster Oven MittsLobster Oven Mitts


Shark Oven Mitts

There are more than 450 different species of sharks that swim in all of the oceans. (A few species live in fresh water as well.) Probably the best known, and most notorious, kind of shark is the great white. Only a few types of shark have ever attacked and killed a human, and this is one of them.

Great whites are found throughout the world, except at the extreme northern and southern parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They tend to hug the coastlines, which is why they may come in contact with boaters, surfers and swimmers.

This species can grow to more than 20 feet in length and it can swim at a clip of 35 mph, which is why it would be very hard to out swim a great white. Experts warn against going into the ocean with flashy jewelry, which can attract the sharks, and making a lot of commotion in the water. Fortunately, fatal shark attacks are relatively rare, with less than five, on average, occurring each year.

Although a few others species have been known to inflict fatal bites, the great white has been implicated in the vast majority of these incidents.

This 10.5-inch long shark oven glove is made of quilted cotton and can also function as a conversation piece when you display it in your kitchen.

Shark Oven MittsShark Oven Mitts


Alligator Oven Mitt

The American alligator seems to be perpetually smiling, but I wouldn’t trust it. These animals have been known to attack humans if disturbed. These animals may look very clumsy, but they can also move quickly, for short periods of time, if they feel the need.

There are only two places in the world where alligators are native and found in the wild state. One is in China and the other is in the American south. The states of Florida and Louisiana are through to each contain 1 million of these bizarre-looking reptiles.

Alligator Oven MittAlligator Oven Mitt


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