Now Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are incredibly strong. So they can’t be applied directly to your skin unless they’re heavily cut a neutral carrier oil. You also shouldn’t take them internally, despite some of the misinformation you may encounter on various social media outlets.

The more I learn about these precious aromatics, the more respect I have for their potency. That’s why one of my favorite ways to use them is to inhale them. As the tiny essential oil molecules reach our lungs, they also travel throughout our bloodstream.

So we can still enjoy their potential benefits, without taking on the risk of ingesting them.


Essential Oil Cold Air Diffusers

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Cold air essential oil diffusers deliver a fine mist of aromatic particles into the air. For instance, if you need a mood boost, a few drops of your favorite scent can mix with the water in a diffuser, and send a soothing and uplifting fragrance throughout the room.

Diffusers are also good when you’re fighting an upper respiratory infection. That’s because the medicinal oils can travel to right where they’re needed.

Running a diffuser is also a good way to naturally make your house smell nice when freshen the house naturally when company is coming.

I only use natural plant-based materials to masks odors in my house. Years ago, when people were visiting, I’d light a scented candle. However, I stopped doing this once I realized that many candles contain toxins. They’re actually a common cause of indoor air pollution. Nowadays, my paraffin candles are decorative only.


Now Wood Grain Oil Diffuser


This beautiful wood grain essential oil diffuser shown above will run up to eight hours. It is designed to be quiet. and is made from BPA-free materials. Inside the finish is an LED night light that glows in different shades. This diffuser is made by NOW Foods, which sells a wide range of essential oils. The company is a leader in the aromatherapy market.

Now is one of the companies I buy my essential oils from. I love the fact they come in relatively large bottles, so they last a really long time. Also, according to the company website, they are made from plants that are grown without pesticides, herbicides or other questionable chemicals.

Now Wood Grain DiffuserNow Wood Grain Diffuser



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