Organic Gluten Free Candy Canes

organic gluten free candy canes

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When my children were little, they needed to stay on a strict gluten-free diet. It was always a challenge to find safe treats for them to eat, and this was especially difficult at Christmas.

This was back in the days before online shopping took off. It was also before many of us became aware that genetically modified ingredients were showing up in our food.

Fortunately, the Internet has changed all of that. We can how find organic gluten free candy canes that don’t contain GMOs. So there’s no need to foregoe this traditional Christmas food.

It’s believed the first candy canes originated in Germany. This delicious tradition started as a way of keeping children quiet in church, according to another published account. In order to distract the children, someone, apparently, started making candies that resembled a shepherd’s staff. (This was because of the shepherd’s who came to visit Baby Jesus in Bethlehem.)

Organic Gluten Free Candy Canes

Back in Medieval times, however, gluten intolerance (or Celiac disease) was not nearly as prevalent as it is today. The good news, though, is that the number of gluten-free food choices is increasing. A case in point is gluten-free candy canes.)

One problem, though, is that many of the gluten-free foods available in the supermarket and online also contain questionable ingredients, such as corn syrup or corn products that come from genetically modified crops.

In the United States, nearly all of the corn that’s grown comes from GMO seeds. These are engineered to withstand applications of a controversial herbicide.

The candy canes you see below are USDA-certified organic. This means they do not contain GMOs. They also do not contain high-fructose corn syrup, which is found in so many regular candies. These candy canes are also free of artificial flavors.

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