Organic Nursery Bedding Sets

organic nursery bedding sets

Did you know that cotton, grown under regular conditions, accounts for about 25 percent of all insecticide use, according to the Pesticide Action Network UK? This organization is seeking to bring attention to the problem.

Some of the chemicals used are also known to cause health problems, according to the Rodale Institute website, which notes that “cotton is considered the world’s dirtiest crop.”

That’s why there’s a big move toward organic cotton, especially for baby products. In recent years, more and more organic baby bedding options have come onto the market. It’s now possible to equip an entire nursery with organic sheets, comforter sets and accessories.

The available nursery sets are very cute, so you don’t have to feel as if you’re trading style for safety.

Organic Nursery Bedding Sets

Organic Baby Bedding SetsOrganic Baby Bedding Sets


The adorable Sleepy Safari four-piece bedding set shown above has a fitted standard crib-size sheet, a comforter, a ruffle and a matching diaper stack bag to complete your nursery decor. The cotton used is 100 percent organic. The filling of the 32 by 42-inch comforter is made of polyester, so it’s machine washable. The sheet is designed to fit a standard 28 by 52-inch crib mattress.

The main color of this crib set is neutral beige, so they can be used for either a baby girl or boy.

Sleepy Safari Nursery Accessories

Additional Sleepy Safari nursery accessories can also be ordered. These include a Sleepy Safari Plush Lion, a matching crib mobile and an adorable elephant pillow.

Sleepy Safari Plush LionSleepy Safari Musical MobileSleepy Safari Pillow

Organic Crib Sheets Fitted

Expectant parents seeking to put their newborn to sleep on a safe, non-toxic surface can also do this by buying a single sheet, if they don’t want to outfit an entire nursery, and if they’re not fussy about matching sheets and blankets.

Here is a single organic fitted crib sheet. It has a cute repeating bumblebee pattern, which can be used on a baby of either gender. This sheet can be ordered in different sizes. The package shown below is made from 100 percent organic cotton. It would make a great baby present, especially for parents concerned about protecting their newborn from potentially dangerous chemicals.

Organic Crib Sheets FittedOrganic Crib Sheets Fitted


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