Organix Sulfate Free Shampoo Reviews

Organix sulfate free shampoo reviews

For all of my personal care products, I either use plant-based materials, such as grape seed oil, or the closest thing to natural that I can find.

At one point, I even tried not shampooing my hair. Instead, I just rinsed it with baking soda and water, followed with vinegar. Although some women claim this does wonderful things for their hair, this didn’t happen to me. Maybe I just needed to give it more time. But, when I tried this “no poo” method, my hair ended up dry and lifeless.

I’d love to use a commercial shampoo that’s totally organic. But I’ve never been able to find one for a reasonable price that didn’t leave my hair totally unmanageable.


Organix Sulfate Free Shampoo Reviews

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So, what do I use to wash my hair now? The only thing that works, at least for me, is a brand called Organix. These shampoos are free of sulfates, which can irritate your skin. (It’s also not good for your hair.) There is no conclusive proof that sodium lauryl sulfate, or its close cousin, sodium laureth sulfate, can cause cause cancer. But there are indications that the latter may become contaminated with dioxins while it’s being manufactured. This class of chemicals is highly toxic.

So, in an effort to avoid sulfates in my shampoo, I use Organix. It works as well as any salon-quality shampoo, without so many potentially dangerous chemicals.

This shampoo comes in many different formulations. Right now, in our house, we have the Argan Oil of Morocco formulation. This shampoo is widely available, even in regular grocery stores. But I buy my Organix shampoo either at a discount retailer or online. It’s available at Amazon and elsewhere.

Organix Argan Oil ShampooOrganix Argan Oil Shampoo


What I Don’t Like About Organix Sulfate Free Shampoo?


I wish this was a totally organic shampoo, which lived up to its brand name. But it does contain other chemicals, even though this particular formulation has no sulfates. However, under the circumstances, for me it’s a reasonable compromise. I’m not happy about the fact that, at one point, sulfates might have been added in again, since I couldn’t find the comforting “no sulfate” print on the label. But this shampoo now appears to be sulfate free.