Outdoor Lights on a Cord

outdoor lights on a cord

Are you looking to create a romantic glow in your backyard? Or, perhaps you just want to illuminate your patio? Or, are you planning a lavish outdoor wedding reception? Does the outside of your house need a face lift?

Outdoor Lights on a Cord

Deneve outdoor lights are sold in strings that are 48-feet long and contain 15 bulb sockets per string. Each bulb sits three feet apart. Up to four strings can be connected on one electrical run if you wish to illuminate a larger area.

The product description says they have a “Tuscan” look, but I think vintage/retro would also apply. They really remind me of those old movies, where the male and female leading characters would eventually fall in love and kiss under hanging light bulbs. Anyway, these exposed bulbs are very fashionable, because everything vintage is popular once again.

Vintage Style Outdoor LightsVintage Style Outdoor Lights


Here are a few features of these attractive outdoor lights. As you can see from the photo above, they’re designed for all kinds of weather.

  • These are heavy-duty commercial-strength lights designed for outdoor use.
  • The cord is made from waterproof rubber.
  • Bulbs are included. Replacements are standard E26/E27 bulbs.