Outdoor Self Watering Pots

outdoor self watering pots

You’re an avid gardener who’s hoping to get away this summer. But you don’t want to impose upon your neighbors to water your plants while you’re away. You also don’t want all of your hard work to be for nothing, because you’re looking forward to a late summer harvest.

But, before you cancel that trip, you may want to consider getting a “babysitter” for your container plants.

Outdoor Self Watering Plants

Plant Nanny is a set of four ceramic stakes that can be inserted into your containers. You use them with an empty wine bottle. The wine bottle is filled with water, threaded into the spike, turned upside down and placed into the pot. That’s all you need to do. Plant Nanny then takes over, tending your plants while you’re away.

Or, if you’re not a wine drinker, you can simply use an empty glass bottle with a neck long enough to fit inside the spike. A sparkling cider bottle should work just fine. The thread to which the bottles attach is made to be drip free.

The beauty of this automatic plant care device is that it empties in response to the moisture in the soil. So it’s designed to release the right amount of water close to the roots.

According to the literature, if you’re planning an extended vacation, a large two-liter bottle can fit inside the spike. This should provide enough moisture for two weeks.

Outdoor Self Watering PlantersOutdoor Self Watering Planters


The bottles inserted in the Plant Nanny spikes will empty more quickly under hot sunny conditions, so you might want to test this out before you go away.

The four Plant Nanny spikes shown here would make a nice gift for a gardener, or a unique Mother’s Day present.

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