Outsmarting Your Cancer

Outsmarting Your Cancer

There are some books that someone fighting cancer shouldn’t be without. This appears to be one of them.

Outsmart Your Cancer is written by a woman named Tanya Harter Pierce. On her website, she explains that she didn’t set out to become a cancer crusader. Instead, it’s a path she traveled after a relative was diagnosed with the disease.

Outsmarting Your Cancer

After getting on the Internet, and doing some research, she discovered a sad reality. There are a number of effective treatments for this disease, which, each year, claims more than 585,000 lives in the United States alone. However, the problem is that relatively few people know about them.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they are usually only told about FDA-approved treatments, such as radiation and chemotherapy. As the yearly death figures show, these therapies leave a lot to be desired, in terms of their effectiveness. And, as anyone who’s ever watched a love one lose their hair, and become nauseous, these treatments also have some unwanted and highly unpleasant side effects.

Outsmart Your Cancer Book

Harter Pierce’s book describes 21 alternative treatments that have worked led to recoveries for people with cancer. Her book includes testimonials from former patients who’ve tried some of the various approaches described, including one from a man whose stomach cancer had metastasized to his bones and lymph nodes. After taking one of the treatments she described, this man is now cancer free.

Outsmart Your Cancer

Outsmart Your Cancer also includes information on how to obtain the various treatments that Harter Pierce wrote about. This includes contact information on whom to call, along with telephone numbers.

Some of the treatments suggested in this book include Hoxsey herbs, Essiac tea, enzyme therapy, as well as several chapters on Protocel. She also seems to call upon her background in marriage and family therapy, with advice on helping the reader manage their anxieties about their disease.


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