Peacock Storage Box

peacock storage box

Life changes the minute you bring your new baby home. One of the adjustments you need to make is living with all the extra things you suddenly acquire.

This includes toys. The toy collection grows with your child. And it increases exponentially with each child in the family. If you’re not very careful, clutter will take over.


Fabric Covered Peacock Storage Box

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One solution is putting toys and other loose items in an attractive peacock storage box, made by 3 Sprouts, an American-based business founded in 2007. According to its website, the company was started by three friends

The way to prevent this from happening is to have a place to put things.¬†Children’s rooms, especially, can get very disorganized quickly because of all the toys.

Adequate storage is essential. Everything may not easily fit on the dresser, nightstand, changing table or in the closet. Your child’s room or nursery will look even more put together if you use attractive storage containers, which become part of the decor.

Peacock Storage Box

The peacock storage box shown here is just part of the line of decorative storage boxes made by 3 Sprouts. This company also makes these beautiful and functional items in whimsical dragon, gorilla, rabbit, kangaroo, rhino, snake and others, which will add a splash of color to your child’s bedroom. If you’re looking specifically for a girl’s room, 3 Sprouts makes a really cute pink unicorn toy storage box. These animal-theme storage cubes measure 13 by 13 ¬†by 13-inches.

Fabric Peacock Storage BoxFabric Peacock Storage Box

The size of these cubes makes it easy to put them on a shelf, to get them out of the way. You can pull them off the shelf with a small tab added to the front of the box.


3 Sprouts makes a line of other matching nursery, accessory items for children. These include laundry hampers, flat hanging wall organizers, stroller organizers, toy chests with covers, lunch bags and hooded towels.

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