Realistic Looking Baby Boy Dolls

realistic looking baby boy dolls

It’s hard enough to find nice baby boy dolls, let alone realistic-looking ones. However, Paradise Galleries has a collection of these dolls. Each doll is handmade, designed by different artists, which is why they don’t all have the same look.

As with the girl dolls, these little boys are “weighted,” so, when you pick them up, they feel as heavy as a real child. Also, they are made with a patented vinyl designed to resemble human skin, both in appearance and touch.

These cute baby boy dolls are available either as toddlers or as newborns, such as Hoot Hoot, shown below. He looks so precious. For me, he brings back fond memories of when my own son was that little.

Hoot Hoot Doll

This doll named Hoot Hoot looks so newborn that you can still see small pouches below his eyes. He is 16-inches in length, about the size of an average baby at birth. Everything you see in the picture is included with Hoot Hoot, who was designed by artist Laura Lee Eagles.

Hoot Hoot DollHoot Hoot Doll


Boy Toddler Baby Doll

This adorable little toddler named Froggy Fun is from the Adora collection at Paradise Galleries. His face is hand-painted, and his other details, such as his eyelashes, were also fashioned by hand. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but has red hair and green eyes. This doll is 20-inches in length, and, like the infants, is weighted, so he feels like a real little boy when you pick him up.

Boy Toddler Baby DollBoy Toddler Baby Doll


Real Looking Baby Boy Dolls

This little newborn sleeps a lot, so he comes with his eyes partially shut. He is 20-inches long and made by artist Michelle Fagan. There is a musical chip on his bib that plays Rock-a-Bye-Baby. His name is Sleepy Frog, maybe the little brother of Froggy Fun shown above?

Real Looking Baby Boy DollsReal Looking Baby Boy Dolls