Sea Otter Jewelry

sea otter jewelry

Sea otters are an endangered species. So we appreciate them all the more. Because of over hunting, it’s believed that only about 28,000 of these delightful creatures now live in the wild.

Their natural habitat has greatly shrunk. They used to occupy much of the Pacific coastline, including the entire west coast of North America and in parts of northern Asia as well. Now, you usually only find otters along California’s Central Coast.

Sea otters now roam from an area that stretches approximately from San Francisco in the north to Santa Barbara in the south.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium, however, is probably the best place to see these playful pups in action. The sea otter exhibit is one of the most popular draws, as you can watch these animals swim on their backs, while eating their food with the paws. It’s a very endearing display, because these actions are so human-like.

Sea Otter Charms

Many of us growing up wore charm bracelets. They’re still in style. The sea otter charm below on the left is made by Rembrandt Charms, a Williamsville, New York-based company that sells a huge assortment of charms. The charm shown here is made of highly polished yellow-gold-plated-silver, and is approximately one-inch in length.

The Rembrant gold sea otter charm can also be ordered in sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold. The otter is holding a fresh cultured pearl.

Various other sea otter charms are available, designed for those who love these highly entertaining creatures, which you can also see below.

Gold Sea Otter CharmGold Sea Otter Charm3D Sea Otter Charm3D Sea Otter CharmSilver Sea Otter CharmSilver Sea Otter Charm


Sea Otter Jewelry

The pewter sea otter necklace you see below is made by American artist Merry Rosenfield, and it’s part of her Magical Zoo collection. In addition to sea otters, she has designed jewelry that depicts a number of other animals, including dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, horses, reptiles and insects, according to her website.

All of Rosenfield’s creations are made in the United States. Inspired by new ideas, she keeps adding to her collection, she notes on her website. Currently, she has produced jewelry designs of more than 40 dog breeds. The Magic Zoo sea otter pendant shown below is cast in lead-free pewter.

Pewter Sea Otter NecklacePewter Sea Otter Necklace


 Sea Otter Earrings

Given the enormous popularity of sea otters, probably thanks in no small part to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, there’s a wide array of sea otter jewelry available online, including sea otter earrings. They come in a variety of styles. More are available than what you see here. But I thought these were really cute.


Silver Sea Otter EarringsSilver Sea Otter EarringsPewter Sea Otter EarringsPewter Sea Otter EarringsBeaded Sea Otter EarringsBeaded Sea Otter Earrings