See Through Window Bird Feeders

see through window bird feeders

Bird watching is a lot of fun, especially when the birds come to you. This means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to see them.

Various styles of clear feeders, which attach to your window, are now available online. They are perfect for nature lovers who like to bring the great outdoors a little closer. Or for urban apartment dwellers who’d like to have a little bit of “backyard.”

These feeders allow you to watch the birds perching and feeding. For years, when I owned a cat, I resisted getting bird feeder because I felt like I was inviting trouble. However, these clear feeders provide a safe, cat-free haven, because they aren’t attached to a tree or anything else a cat or a squirrel can reach.

Clear Window Bird Feeders

This feeder shown below has places for perching, along the top and also along the edge of the opening. It easily attaches to your window, and is designed to hold a cup of wild bird seed. Its simple shape also makes it easy to clean, and easy to fill. It also has a hood to keep our feathered friends protected from the elements.

Clear Window Bird FeedersClear Window Bird Feeders


See Through Window Bird Feeders

The Grateful Gnome bird feeder is a larger model that measures 12 by 5 by 4-inches. It three suction cups that allow it to attach to a window. This would make a perfect gift for a shut-in, an elderly person or a nursing home resident. It attaches with three very strong suction cups and allows a very clear view of the birds that come to feed. This feeder holds as much as two cups of birdseed.

Inside Window Bird FeederInside Window Bird Feeder


Plastic Window Bird Feeders

This dome-shaped plastic window bird feeder is also made by Grateful Gnome. It attaches to your window with three strong suction cups. You probably won’t have to refill it often, as it’s designed to hold up to four cups of food. This clear feeders would make a great Mother’s Day present, housewarming gift or anniversary present.

Plastic Window Bird FeederPlastic Window Bird Feeder