Small Home Ice Machines

small home ice machines

Have you ever had a houseful of guests, and realized you didn’t have enough ice to put in their drinks? So you run to the store, to buy a couple bags of ice. How many times have you had to do this?

My husband has had to do this on multiple occasions.┬áJust as our visitors were due to arrive, and I desperately needed help with last-minute cleaning projects, he’d panic over the lack of ice in our freezer. This is when he’d dash to the nearest convenience store. Meanwhile, I’d run around trying to pull the house together, and hoping our guests arrived a few minutes late.

It always worked out. But it would have been much easier if we owned our own ice machine.


Small Home Ice Machines

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In less than the time it takes to run to the store, in order to buy a bag of ice, you can make your own. The Igloo ICE-102 compact ice maker can churn out a batch of ice, in just six minutes. It will make a total of 26 pounds of ice a day, and you have a choice of two different ice cube sizes.

The color shown here is red, only because it’s so eye catching. But this same model also comes in black, silver, stainless steel and white. It has a nice sleek retro look, a style that’s become wildly popular in smaller kitchen appliances.

This ice maker will also store up to 1.5 pounds of ice, which tends to take up so much freezer space. This ice maker would make a great wedding or bridal shower present.

Another benefit is that you can fill this ice machine with filtered or bottled spring water. I live in a community with a fluoridated water supply, so I don’t use the ice that comes directly from our refrigerator ice maker.

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