Soft Asian Baby Dolls

Realistic looking Asian dolls for little girls

Paradise Galleries makes very realistic-looking dolls, in infant and toddler styles, designed by individual artists. These creations are extremely lifelike, both in the way they look and feel. Their features are hand painted, and they are made from a type of patented vinyl, so that their skin feels like human skin.

Their arms and legs are soft and flexible, so they can be moved into different positions. Each doll is also “weighted.” This means they are made to weigh as much as a real baby, when you pick them up and hold them in your arms.

Realistic dolls are hard to find, especially if you’re looking for one that represents a particular ethnic group. However, Paradise Galleries offers a selection of beautiful and collectible Asian dolls for girls.

Su-Lin Doll

With her shiny skin and huge innocent smile, Su-Lin is so cute you want to grab her and hug her. She measures 20 inches in length, and she’s 13-inches tall when she’s seated. Her exquisite features, as well as  her black hair, are hand painted. This Su-Lin doll is a creation of artist Ping Lau. Although all of the dolls in the Paradise Galleries line look realistic, this one especially does.

Su Lin DollSu Lin Doll



Nischi’s Little Sister

Nischi is another doll in this line. But she wasn’t available at the time of publication. But she now has a little sister, whom you can see below. She is just as cute as her “older” sibling. As an infant, she has the typical newborn hands, feet and facial characteristics. I like how her “Mom” put a nice pink bow in her hair. She was designed by Laura Lee Eagles.

Nischi's Little SisterNischi’s Little Sister


Soft Asian Baby Dolls

Baby Mei is another creation by artist Ping Lau, which might be why she resembles her older “sister” Su-Lin. Her appearance, though, is much more newborn, as you can see from her still wrinkly legs and feet.

Paradise Galleries Baby MeiParadise Galleries Baby Mei


Asian Baby Doll Quinn

This beautiful baby doll is named Quinn. Dressed in traditional Asian clothes, she is designed by artist Ping Lau, who also created Baby Mei and Su Lin.

Asian Baby Doll QuinnAsian Baby Doll Quinn