Starfish Jewelry Bracelets

starfish jewelry bracelet

Starfish bracelets are highly fashionable right now. They’re a natural when you’re at the beach, or when you’re invited to a warm-weather event held outdoors, such as a wedding reception. They’re also very appropriate if you’re taking an ocean cruise, and you need something to dress up your outfit.

Retro jewelry is also very popular. Because of the large market demand, it’s possible to find a growing number of new pieces that look as if they’re a throwback to an earlier era.

Starfish Jewelry Bracelets

One supplier, Heirloom Finds, offers a selection of beautiful vintage starfish bracelets, which you can see below. This company, founded in 1998, is now one of the largest suppliers of new vintage-style jewelry.

Based in West Virginia, it started off by selling jewelry out of a basement, but now operates out of a restored movie theater.

As you can see, despite the fact the company has a grown so fast, its collection is exquisite.

Heirloom Finds Bracelet

This lovely bracelet will stretch to fit most women’s wrists. It consists of multiple-colored jewels, set in a design that form a starfish. This arrives boxed, if you decide to purchase it as a gift. It would make a perfect birthday or Mother’s Day present, or a surprise for someone about to embark upon a cruise.

Heirloom Finds BraceletHeirloom Finds Bracelet


Gold Starfish Cuff Bracelet

This gold bracelet accented with round mint-colored studs is just as formal as the one above. Like the other bracelets on this page, this gold starfish cuff bracelet stretches, so it’s designed to fit most wrist sizes.

Gold Starfish Cuff BraceletGold Starfish Cuff Bracelet


Turquoise Starfish Jewelry

This stretchable beaded bracelet is a bit more casual than the others. It would be perfect for a daytime event or a night time pool party.

Turquoise Starfish JewelryTurquoise Starfish Jewelry


Fun Starfish Facts

  • If need be, a starfish can simply shed an arm, or part of it, in order to escape a predator. Most species are able to regenerate the missing part.
  • A starfish has no brain. Instead, it has an extensive nervous system.
  • A starfish has limited intellect.
  • Some types of starfish add new members of their species simply by shedding all or part of an arm. This piece then grows into a mature starfish.