Survival Food Stock Up

survival food stock up

A stockpile of food does no good if you have nowhere to put it, or if it can’t be safely stored for a long period of time.

There’s no use buying food to see you through a disaster, or a doomsday event, if it’s going to go bad in a year or two.

That’s why, especially if you have limited space, it’s a good idea to buy food already packed in airtight containers, which should also deter rodents. Large plastic pails are ideal, both because they are sealed. Also, it’s easy to hide them away if you have relatively limited living space. For instance, these tubs can be placed behind a couch or in the back of your closet.

Many people, it appears, are coming to the realization that emergency food is a good idea. That’s because, if disaster hits, the grocery stores will run out of food in a matter of days. The entire system is so dependent upon food trucked in from long distances.

A number of companies now sell food essentials, packed in plastic tubs. One of them is Augason Farms, located in Salt Lake City. This is a family-owned operation that’s been in business for more than 40 years. Here are a few Augason basics.

Augason Farms Brown Rice

If this container is not opened, it may last for up to seven years, according to the manufacturer. Once you open it, the shelf life is one year, provided weather conditions aren’t extreme. This is a very good item to have if you need to eat gluten-free food, which emergency shelters likely will not be serving. This bucket holds 26-pounds of rice.

Augason Farms Brown RiceAugason Farms Brown Rice


Augason Farms Potatoes

These dried potato slices are very easy to reconstitute, if you ever need an emergency food. (All you do is add water.) You could also purchase them to use now, as they are easy to add to soups, casseroles and other dishes. In a disaster, potatoes are a filling comfort food. The company says these potatoes have a shelf life of 25 years.

Augason Farms PotatoesAugason Farms Potatoes


Freeze Dried Emergency Fruit

This 265-serving bucket of freeze-dried fruit can last up to 20 years, according to Augason Farms. It does not need to be refrigerated, and can be eaten just as is. It could also be bought to eat now, on cereal or on camping trips, as it’s sold in bulk.

Freeze Dried Emergency FruitFreeze Dried Emergency Fruit