Toys That Help Baby Sleep

toys that help baby sleep

Toys that help baby sleep are often given as baby presents. What parent wouldn’t appreciate a little help settling their little one down at night?

One woman I know told me that she always gives a sleep soother new baby presents.

Parents must love these devices. That’s because they can help train a baby to comfort himself. As anyone who’s ever taken care of an infant knows, all too well, sleep is a very precious commodity, especially in the first year of life.

Some babies learn to sleep more easily than others. My husband and I nicknamed our oldest child “the fusser.” That’s because she had a very delicate nervous system. The slightest noise would set her off. Then she’d cry for what seemed like an eternity.

Maybe we “spoiled” her. We walked her until she fell asleep. Or, we’d often put her in the car and drive around. For her, sleep didn’t come naturally. It seemed to take her so long, before she learned to calm herself at night, that our second child was already putting himself to sleep before she got the hang of it.

Sleep soothers are probably one of the best things anyone’s ever invented. They now come in a variety of models. They also double as toys and cuddly stuffed animals. Some get the job done with soft sounds. But other soothers calm a baby by vibrating or by projecting a star-like pattern on the ceiling.


Toys That Help Baby Sleep

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This award-winning eight-inch sheep soother is cute and cuddly. It also plays a selection of sounds, including a running spring, soft rainfall, ocean waves and a whale sound. The beauty of this battery-operated device is that it can be set to switch off at either 23 or 45 minutes, which should be plenty of time to allow a tired baby to nod off. It is designed for babies on the go. This adorable stuffed animal can be attached to a stroller or a car seat.

Cloud b Sleep Soother SheepCloud b Sleep Soother Sheep


Fisher Price Elephant Soother


This cute blue elephant sleep soother quiets your little one with a mix of sounds and gentle vibrations. It is also battery operated, and designed to be used at home or while traveling. This toy is cute, as well as educational. It’s activated when you press on the red heart in the middle of the elephant’s chest, so children learn cause and effect. This soft, lovable elephant would make a very impressive baby gift.

Fisher Price Elephant SootherFisher Price Elephant Soother


Turtle Night Light Stuffed Animal


This neutral-colored Cloud b Twilight Constellation turtle sleep soother will likely fit the decor of any bedroom or nursery. It’s designed for little ones, but adults as well will love the star-like pattern that it displays on the ceiling, when the lights are out. Actually, the person who buys sleep soothers for newborn baby presents gives them this turtle. She owns one as well, even though she has no small children in the house. This battery-operated soother also has a timer, so it can be set to switch off after 45 minutes.

Turtle Night Light Sleep SootherTurtle Night Light Sleep SootherTurtle Night Light Sleep Soother

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