Tumbler Compost Maker

tumbler compost maker

I often write about organic food because it’s done such good things for my health. So I like to encourage others to eat healthier.

Organic gardening is one way to provide a steady supply of vegetables, grown without chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

If you’re doing away with gardening chemicals, you may want to compost. Composted material is very good for the soil. It provides the micro-nutrients that aren’t found in chemical fertilizers, made with phosphate potassium and nitrogen, but without all of the other trace minerals needed for optimum health.

Adding compost to your garden can also help stabilize the soil’s acidity/alkaline balance. Also, it helps turn soil into the consistency needed for a vegetable garden.

Backyard Composters Tumblers

Breaking down food scraps into compost can be a lengthy process. But the beauty of using a compost tumbler is that it’s designed to shorten the amount of time needed for compost to “cook.” This movable composting chamber makes it easier to sift the decaying matter, by spinning the tumbler.

According to the product literature, the Yimby Composter Tumbler, shown below, can make ready-to-use compost in a relatively short period of time, reducing the amount of “cooking” time.

There are two sides to this compost machine. One side can store nearly finished compost. New material can be added to the other. This composter can hold 37 gallons of material. This plastic composter rests on a steel frame. Some assembly is required.


YIMBY Composter TumblerYIMBY Composter Tumbler


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