Turtle LED Lights

turtle LED lights

Solar-powered LED lighting is becoming a very popular way to illuminate your lawn and garden when it’s dark, without the need for electricity, switches, extension cords or outlets.

I love looking at all of the different types of LED yard lights when I’m driving around at night. It seems as if so many people are putting these decorative and functional lights in their yards. Turtle lights are a new twist on this trend.

Turtle LED Lights

Charged by the sun, and a rechargeable AA battery, which is included, these LED turtle lights begin to shine at dusk, and then power down by themselves as the sun rises in the morning.

The LED bulbs in side the turtles never need replacement. They do not heat up, so there’s no risk of burn. This decorative lighting unit is made from resin, and is designed to withstand harsh weather.

The Moonrays 91515 Turtles on a Log is an iconic lawn ornament that features three durable, resin-cast turtles on a log, which measures 12.3 by 7 by 5.6-inches.

Turtle Shaped LED LightsTurtle Shaped LED Lights