Unique Gifts for Baby Boomers

Unusual gifts for Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers now have everything they need, at least in terms of material goods. So it can tricky choosing a present for someone who’s now in their 60’s, or rapidly approaching that milestone.

This is a group that, on the whole, has done very well financially. They tend to buy what they want, and typically seize upon the latest consumer craze.

So, what can you possibly get them, that they don’t have already?

Unique Gifts for Baby Boomers

This is not an exhaustive gift list, by any means. The millions of Baby Boomers living in the United States have varied tastes, and lots of disposable income. Born between 1946 and 1964, they grew up in an age of affluence. Many of them are used to the finer things in life. Or, on the other hand, they may have developed a taste for simplicity.

That’s why the first gift I’m going to feature is for people who like to garden. After all, it was the Baby Boomers who invented that back-to-the-land movement that started in the 1960’s.

Good Gifts for a Gardener

This canvas garden caddy is designed to wrap around a standard five-gallon bucket. It fastens securely with Velcro. It has different size pockets, to hold a variety of tools, beverages or a cellphone. When you’re gardening, and moving from spot to spot, it’s very easy to lose your hand tools and other items. (However, we don’t want to suggest that Baby Boomers are of the age where they’re becoming forgetful.)

This tool caddy does not come with tools. But there’s a nice tool set made by Fiskars that would go perfectly with this caddy. (You can see this below.)

Good Gifts For a GardenerGood Gifts For a Gardener


Ergonomic Garden Tools for Arthritis

Time catches up with everyone, even Baby Boomers. If someone likes to garden, but struggles with joint pain and inflammation, they’d probably love an ergonomic gardening tools set, like the one shown here. This rugged three-piece garden tool set made by Fiskars has ergonomic handles. Each of these tools can be hung in a garage or in a shed.

Ergonomic Garden Tools for ArthritisErgonomic Garden Tools for Arthritis


Unusual Gifts for Dog Lovers

Baby Boomers love their dogs. Now that their children are grown, they tend to dote on their pets. Largely because of the boomers, Americans now spend upwards of $50 billion a year on their “fur babies.” In 2102, the Denver Post ran an article on the unique relationship between Baby Boomers and their animals. It quoted an industry analyst who noted that, on average, people of this era spent an annual $211 per household on their pets. This exceeds spending by other ages groups, according to the report.

The female boomer in your life probably already has a lot of dog-related items. But she may not a dog breed purse. The Bradford Exchange makes a beautiful line of breed-specific handbags and totes. They are printed with realistic and highly detailed dog photos, and trimmed with leather. Shown here is a Jack Russell Terrier. But this beautiful tote can also be ordered with pictures of Rottweilers, Boxers, Westies, Yellow Labradors, Pomeranians, Shelties, Cocker Spaniels and more.

Unusual Gifts for Dog LoversUnusual Gifts for Dog Lovers


Kitchen Gifts for Foodies

Baby Boomers seem to be the original “foodies.” Many people of this generation love practical, functional kitchen gadgets. That’s why we thought to include a Spiral Slicer that can make really cool vegetable pasta. Boomers are a health conscious bunch, and many of them appear to be on low-carb diets. Now they can make their own pasta and noodles from carrots, zucchini, squash and sweet potatoes. (Just in case you’ve never tried it, squash spaghetti is pretty good.)

This gift comes with a cookbook, a special cleaning brush and a protective storage bag. The Spiral Slicer can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Kitchen Gifts For FoodiesKitchen Gifts For Foodies


Gift Ideas for Health Conscious People

Believe it or not, baby boomers can’t take all the credit for making essential oils popular again. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that aromatherapy became all the rage, long after the boomers had settled into middle age. Today, essential oils seem to be very popular with 30-something Moms, who like to use them in homemade non-toxic cleaning solutions. Many of these women also sell these oils. They’ve done a very good job at letting the world know how useful they are.

Aromatic oils are often used as medicine as well. In our house, when someone gets a headache, we reach for the peppermint oil, instead of an OTC pain reliever. We also use them when the flu is going around. Scientists are now starting to discover that many of them have potent natural germ-killing compounds.

The boomer on your gift list will probably love an essential oil kit, which contains a selection of some of the most popular aromatic oils and blends. This kit is sold by Plant Therapy. (I own a number of its oils and I think they’re incredible.)

Gift Ideas For Health Conscious PeopleGift Ideas For Health Conscious People


Laurel Burch Cat Scarves

If you’re still undecided, and you’re shopping for a woman, you probably can’t go wrong with one of these gorgeous cat scarves designed by the late Laurel Burch. Ms. Burch passed away in 2007, but her licensed creations live on. In fact, the more time that passes, the more her beautiful creations seem to be appreciated.

Burch was a beloved San Francisco artist who overcame numerous obstacles, but managed to live a full life before dying of a congenital bone disease.

Celestial FelinesCat Feline Classic ScarfCrimson Cats Sequined Silk Scarf

See Through Window Bird Feeder

Years ago it was fun traipsing through the countryside looking for birds. Nowadays, though, that’s not so appealing. Aging Baby Boomers might enjoy bird watching much better from the comfort of their living room sofa. This see through window bird feeder will allow them to do that. It’s designed for easy installation, and also to be a safe haven from squirrels.

See Through Window Bird FeederSee Through Window Bird Feeder


Gift Cards for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers appear to have discriminating tastes, which is why shopping for them can be difficult. If you don’t see anything here that will work, perhaps they’d like an Amazon Gift Car. This will allow them to choose just what they want, eliminating the worry they’ll be disappointed in your selection. This gift is available in varying amounts, and comes with a nice card.

Gift Cards For Baby BoomersGift Cards For Baby Boomers


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