Vitacost New Customer Discount

Vitacost new customer discount

Vitacost offers a generous new customer discount. You can receive $10 off your first order of $30 or more, if you take advantage of a “friend’s” referral code.

I consider everyone who visits this site a friend, so here is my personal referral code, which you can use to claim your reward. This is a gift that keeps on giving. You can also sign up to receive your own discount code, which you can share with others. New customers you refer will receive $10 off their first order. You’ll also get your own $10 discount to use again.

These discounts can be multiplied. If you accumulate four, you can use them in increments of $10, up to $100.

Vitacost New Customer Discount

In case you’ve never shopped at Vitacost before, let me explain why I’m starting to buy more of my groceries and supplements at this giant online health food store. First and foremost, shopping this way saves me a lot of time. I love the convenience of having my order delivered to my front door. If I wasn’t working, I might have the time (and the inclination) to spend my days shopping brick-and-mortar stores. Now I don’t have to.

The prices at Vitacost usually beat what I can find at the lowest-priced grocery store in my area. Plus, Vitacost regularly offers discounts and promotions.

Just about everything I need, except for meat and vegetables, I can find at Vitacost. For instance, I recently ran out of grapeseed oil. All that was available at my local supermarket was grapeseed ¬†mixed with canola. I didn’t want this, because of the problem of GMOs. Canola comes from the rapeseed plant. In the United States, this crop is often genetically modified.

So, instead of driving to another community, which has what I needed, I ordered some pure grapeseed oil at Vitacost. The brand you can see below is what I bought. The fact that it resembles a bottle of wine is no coincidence. This grapeseed oil is made by Napa Valley Naturals. It comes from the seeds of grapes that are used to make this vineyard’s wines.

In our house, we use grapeseed oil for cooking. That’s because it has a high smoke point. This means it’s a better choice than oils with lower smoke points, which may release toxins when heated at high temperatures. Grapeseed oil is also contains a healthy amount of Omega 6 fatty acids, as well as natural Vitamin E. Click to View Price. If you’re a first-time Vitacost shopper, don’t forget to take advantage of the new customer $10 discount.

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