Wall Organizers Mail Keys

wall organizers mail keys

My mother told me that my very first words were, “Where’s the keys to the car?”

At the time, we were living with my grandparents and other relatives. You guessed it. Someone was always looking for their keys.

Now that I’m married with children of my own, we have a key rack in our kitchen. I keep my own keys in my purse. But I’d hate to think of how often certain people would be looking for their car keys, if we didn’t have a key rack that hangs on our wall, right near the door.

Kitchen key racks are very popular. They reduce the likelihood of misplacing your keys. For some reason, this always seem to happen when people are short on time, and they need to get someplace in a hurry.

Wall mounted key racks become even more practical if they also have a built-in mail organizer, where you can park bills and other important papers.

Wall Organizers Mail Keys

The beauty of the InterDesign Twillo Wall Mount Mail and Key Rack is that it combines both functions into one sleek and attractive unit. It comes in a neutral bronze, so it should match a wide range of kitchen decor themes.

Everything you need to attach this mail organizer key hook to your wall is included. This key rack organizer has five hooks, and measures 8 by 1.25 by 2.75-inches. This would make a great birthday, anniversary, Christmas, housewarming or bridal shower gift.

InterDesign Twillo Mail Mail/Key OrganizerInterDesign Twillo Mail Mail/Key Organizer