Where to Buy a Hummingbird Feeder

Where to buy a hummingbird feeder

Perky Pet makes a large selection of hummingbird feeders. That’s probably because so many people enjoy watching these tiny birds, and like to invite them into their yard.

Putting out nectar in a feeder is the same as issuing an invitation. This sugar-laden plant juice gives them the fuel they need to pump their wings so fast that it sounds as if they are humming.

How rapidly do these creatures flap their wings? Many hummingbird species, except for the giants, flap their wings about 80 times a second.

These little birds metabolize food very quickly. So frequent feeding is a must. Actually, when they’re active, they need near constant feeding, consuming about half their weight in nectar every day. If they can’t find enough food, their bodies go into a mini-hibernation, and their metabolism runs at just a fraction of its normal rate. This also happens at night.

So the hummingbirds flying near your house will greatly appreciate any nectar you put out.

Red Hummingbird Feeder

Perky Pet’s glass hummingbird feeders are decorative. I particularly like the vintage or antique glass styles, because they remind us of an earlier time, when people had more time for simple pleasure, such as watching these little birds.

The red vintage-style glass hummingbird feeder shown here looks as if it were plucked from the Victorian era. This feeder is designed to hold 24-ounces of liquid nectar. There is an attached metal hanger, so you can put it in your backyard and enjoy hosting the tiny winged visitors. The birds feed from the four “flowers” at the base.

Red Hummingbird FeederRed Hummingbird Feeder


Hummingbird feeders must be very popular, because Perky Pet makes a number of them. These are available in a various styles, plastic as well as glass. Because I think the vintage-style hummingbird feeders are so beautiful (as well as functional) I’m including the more antique-looking feeders in the selections below.

Decorative Glass Hummingbird Feeders

Looking Glass Hummingbird FeederVintage Glass Hummingbird FeederMason Jar Hummingbird Feeder