Where To Buy Badger Sunscreen Products

where to buy Badger sunscreen products

There’s growing interest in using natural sunscreens that don’t contain potentially toxic ingredients.

Many brands of sunscreen have questionable chemicals, such as oxybenzone, which may disrupt our hormones. This compound mimics estrogen, and it may possibly cause reproductive problems in both men and women.

Other active ingredients found in these products have names we can barely pronounce, such as octisalate, octinoxate, avobenzone and various other additives.

The widespread use of sunscreens has caught the attention of the Environmental Working Group. This consumer protection agency has published a paper called The Trouble With Sunscreen Chemicals, in which it outlined the problems with a number of these ingredients.

The EWG recommends sunscreens with minerals such as zinc oxide instead of chemicals. I particularly liked how the information in this paper was balanced with the need to have adequate blood levels of Vitamin D, which are needed for good health. This vitamin is produced during exposure to sunlight.

Not surprisingly, many people who wear sunscreen, to prevent their skin from burning, are now searching for the safest sun protection available. A number of relatively new products have come on the market, including Badger All Season Face Stick shown below.

Where Can I Buy Badger Sunscreen?

Zinc oxide is the active ingredient in this formula, which is made from a base of natural olive oil, beeswax, shea oil and cocoa butter, as well as a number of essential oils. The zinc oxide does not form a thick white coat on your skin that remains visible. But you might have to rub this in for a few seconds or longer to minimize any whiteness.

This sunscreen is designed especially for children, although it will also work on adults. Because it’s water resistant, it will continue to provide coverage in the water for as long as 40 minutes. After that, it will need to be reapplied.┬áThis sunscreen is made by a family-run business, which sells a number of other natural personal care products. The Badger company is located in a small town in New Hampshire.

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