Where to Buy Maple Holistics Products

where to buy Maple Holistics products

Maple Holistics products are all natural. Also, they contain no sodium lauryl sulfate.

A few years ago I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet. My beauty products went into the trash.

That’s because they contained potentially hazardous chemicals, many of which I couldn’t even pronounce.

For instance, I never again want to use anything that contains sulfates. Fortunately, I don’t have to. That’s because there’s a growing selection of personal care items made with plant-based ingredients. They contain no sulfates or parabens.

Sodium lauryl sulfate is ubiquitous. The cheap lathering agent is found seemingly everywhere, especially in lower-end soaps and shampoos. It’s developed a reputation as beingpotentially irritating.

Sulfate Free Shampoos Conditioner

Since I’ve been using sulfate-free shampoo, I find I don’t need to condition my hair nearly as much. Also, since I’ve traded in my facial soap for pure Castile soap, my skin no longer gets irritated around the corners of my mouth.

It’s my personal opinion that we don’t need to use beauty products made with chemicals. For me, putting unhealthy compounds on my skin and hair yielded less than perfect results. On the other hand, many natural beauty experts believe that botanic ingredients can nourish your skin and hair.

In my experience, natural products work just as well, if not a whole lot better, than those made with sodium lauryl sulfate.

Where to Buy Maple Holistics Products

One company that makes sulfate-free hair products is Maple Holistics. It’s shampoos are made with natural ingredients, such as argan oil. This is derived from a¬†Moroccan plant, which has long been prized in North Africa as a natural hair conditioner and skin emollient.

Argan is becoming a popular ingredient in the new wave of shampoos, such as the Maple Holistics shown below, which don’t contain sulfates. These shampoos are also made with other plant-based ingredients, including avocado, peach kernel, jojoba, almond and camellia seed oils, as well as botanical keratin, vanilla and honey.

Here are some of Maple Holistics popular natural hair care products.

Maple Holistics ConditionerMaple Holistics ConditionerMaple Holistics Sage ShampooMaple Holistics Sage ShampooMaple Holistics Argan ShampooMaple Holistics Argan Shampoo


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