Where To Buy Paraben Free Hair Gel

where to buy paraben free hair gel

Beauty products typically contain an assortment of potentially dangerous chemicals. This includes parabens and other ingredients known for their ability to disrupt the hormones.

There’s even concern that parabens and other estrogen-mimicking chemicals may be contributing to the current breast cancer epidemic.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that safer alternatives now exist for just about everything, including hair gel. Stay with me and I’ll tell you how to make your own non-toxic hair gel. Or, if that’s not what you want to do, you can also find hair gel products made without parabens.

In the last few years, I’ve traded in all of my former chemical concoctions for natural plant-based cosmetics. At first, I thought I’d be losing something in the exchange. So I was happy to discover that I’m not losing anything, except some questionable chemicals.

Paraben Free Hair Gel

Nowadays, hair gel is used by both men and women. However, many of the products on the market contain potentially unhealthy ingredients. They may be bad for you, as well as for your hair.

Used over a period of time, some natural beauty experts believe the harsh chemicals in these products can damage the hair, and even result in hair loss, due to a build-up of sebum on the scalp, which can block the hair follicles.

In any event, you should be aware that any chemicals applied to your scalp, including sulfates and hormone-disrupting parabens, will end up in your bloodstream. About 60 percent of everything you put on your skin is absorbed by your body, according to my holistic doctor.

One alternative is to make your own hair gel. This is what I do. About once a week, I boil one cup of water with two tablespoons of natural organic flax seeds. I cook this for about 10 minutes, until it turns into a gel. Then I take it off the stove and pour it into a clean glass container. If I refrigerate this mix, it lasts about a week.

Where to Buy Paraben Free Hair Gel

But an easier solution, for some, is to invest in a non-toxic paraben-free product, such as Alba hair gel, shown below. It’s the one I use now, because I got tired of making my own hair gel with flax seed.

Instead of chemicals, it contains plant-based ingredients, such as lavender, aloe and chamomile. It really does hold your hair every bit was well as the chemical concoctions I used to buy.

Alba Non Toxic Hair GelAlba Non Toxic Hair Gel