Where To Buy Popsicle Molds

where to buy popsicle molds

Homemade ice pops are usually much healthier than store-bought varieties. That’s because these highly processed concoctions may contain refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, as well as artificial colors and flavorings. Even if the label says “natural flavorings,” this could potentially mean MSG.

You are also likely to find genetically modified ingredients in ice pops. Much of the sugar we consume comes from sugar beets. This crop is increasingly genetically modified. High-fructose corn syrup is another concern. In the United States, nearly all corn is grown from genetically modified seeds. These are designed to survive applications of a controversial herbicide called Roundup.


Where To Buy Silicone Popsicle Molds

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This is one reason why some parents prefer to buy freeze pop molds, in order make their own popsicles. They are also called ice pops, depending upon where you live in the United States. This way you can control the ingredients. You can also make sure they don’t contain only wholesome natural ingredients.


Ice Pop Molds BPA Free


In one study, when genetically modified food was fed to lab rats, they developed large mammary tumors. This is one of the reason I like to shop for USDA-certified organic food, which doesn’t contain GMOs.

Oftentimes, you can find organic popsicles. (I’ve bought a lot of these myself.) But organic snack foods are expensive and they tend to be eaten very quickly. That’s why making your own popsicles can probably save you money.


Where to Buy Popsicle Molds


An easy way to avoid any potential health hazards, and keep your kids happy this summer, is to invest in your own ice pop maker. The Norpro popsicle maker shown above is made from plastic that’s free of Bishphenol A, or BPA. It makes 10 popsicles at one time.¬†Popsicles can be made from fruit juice, concentrate or fresh fruit put through a food processor.

BPA Free Popsicle MoldsBPA Free Popsicle Molds