Where to Buy Rubber Duckies

where to buy rubber duckies

Rubber duckies were first made in the late 1800’s, when rubber began to be used on a mass scale. They became wildly popular during the 1940’s, when an estimated 50,000,000 of them were sold.

Yellow rubber ducks got another boost when the late Jim Henson, the brainchild behind The Muppet Show, sang a song called Rubber Duckie, as the voice behind the Sesame Street character named Ernie.

These toys are still a favorite, especially among toddlers when they’re taking a bath. The 18-pack of rubber duckies shown below will be a hit at your next birthday party or baby shower, because everyone loves rubber duckies. There are probably many creative ways you can turn these little yellow ducks into party favors. Or, you can buy them as a fun bath toy, as your little one will love watching them float.

Where to Buy Rubber Duckies

Rubber duckies are so cute. You can probably find them at your local party store, or you can order them online.

Package of Rubber DuckiesPackage of Rubber Duckies