Where to Find a Robot Kit

where to find a robot kit

The science of robotics is very popular right now, especially in the schools. That’s because workers in this rapidly growing field are in great demand, and educators want to give their students the skills they need to succeed.

Not surprisingly, a number of robotics kits designed for kids have come onto the market. These are designed to teach the basics, and have fun at the same time.

It’s never to early to learn about robotics. You can start at home. Making your own robot is a great introduction to robotics. Assembling a contraption that’s able to move and perform simple tasks is a fun project for the entire family.

Build a Robot Kit for Children

A number of kits on the market contain the materials you need to build your very own mechanical friend. These are real robots capable of walking and doing things, such as drawing with colored pens.

4M Tin Can Robot

All you need is an empty tin can, and the rest is easy, because all the parts to make this little guy shown below come in a kit marketed by 4M. This robot can also be constructed horizontally, instead of vertically, if you want to build your own robot “monster.”

When completed this robot is mobile, and can move on its own. Batteries (two AAA) are not included.

4M Tin Can Robot4M Tin Can Robot


Doodling Robot for Children

Have you ever wished for your very own robot that could draw?  Wish no more, because this 4M robot is able to doodle, without having to be pushed or guided. This kit includes everything, even the pens. However, you will need one AA battery to power it.

Doodling Robots For ChildrenDoodling Robots For Children


Build a Robot Kit for Children

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could invent a robot to clean up after us? This robot with the crazy eyes shown here can maybe do a little housework. This is the brush robot created by 4M, which comes in a kit that includes the brush, a motorized part and the silly eyes. This device, as well as the others shown on this page, are intended for children aged eight and older.

Build a Robot Kit For ChildrenBuild a Robot Kit For Children


Make Your Own Robot Kit

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and acts like a duck, then it must be a duck. Right? Not in this case. Instead this is a robot that’s able to walk like a duck. Everything you need is included, except for the batteries.

Make Your Own Robot Kit Duck KitMake Your Own Robot Kit Duck Kit


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