White Noise Sleep Fan

white noise sleep fan

After graduating from college, the first real job I landed was as a newspaper reporter. Although I loved the work, it did a number on my sleep cycle.

What often helped was running a fan. This is an idea that’s become increasingly popular, judging by the number of white noise machines on the market.

I’d go to work around 4 pm. Then, I’d go to a local meeting. Next, I’d return to the newsroom to write one or more articles. Invariably, this kept me up late.

Then, I’d head to my car for the long commute home.

Eventually, I started working days, as a freelance writer. But my sleep problems persisted for years.

At the height of my problem, I resorted to running a fan in my bedroom. This was to block the noise, so I could get a little sleep during the daytime hours. Otherwise it was very difficult.

Dogs were barking. Children were playing near my bedroom window. Once a week the garbage truck would come by, usually just after I’d finally fallen asleep.

Oftentimes, the little sleep I did get was largely due to a rather loud vintage-style fan I found in my grandmother’s house. This created a sort of soothing “white noise” that drowned out the more annoying sounds. When you’re trying hard to sleep, even minor noises seem like a racket.

White Noise Sleep Fan

Now, you can find white noise sleep fans designed for people who need to block noise, so they can get some rest. These appear to be a huge improvement over the vintage fan I used to use. (One of the things I used to worry about was whether this antique electrical fan was safe.)

One modern sound machine is the┬áMarpac DOHM-DS, which you can see below. It’s designed to create a soothing steady noise. You can also adjust the settings to control the volume and tone, so you can find a sound range you’re comfortable with.

This sleep machine is made in America, and it doesn’t need batteries. It runs on a regular electrical current, and the fan mechanism is located inside the unit. It’s designed so that you don’t feel a breeze.

The Dohm machine can also be used when you’re awake, and trying to focus. Distracting noises can be filtered out.

This is a small machine, so it would be easy to pack in your suitcase for noise control when you’re away from home and staying in a hotel.

White Noise Sleeping MachineWhite Noise Sleeping Machine