Windshield Shade With Eyes

windshield shades with eyes

On a 90 degree day, the temperature inside of your vehicle can hit a whopping 140 degrees in a very short time. One hour is all it takes to turn your car into an oven on wheels.

That’s why you’ll want to make be extra sure to not leave children or animals unaccompanied in the car n a hot day, even for short periods of time. You can also try to keep your car cooler by parking it in the shade, and covering it with a windshield sun protector.

Windshield Shade With Eyes

In recent years, window shades made to look as if eyes are peering out from the dashboard have become fashionable. Some feature cartoon-style “eyes” painted on the screen. The car shield below appears to be wearing “goggles.”

Aside from leaving your windows cracked, and parking in the shade, you can also use a windshield screen to help keep the car interior temperature in check.

  • This shade is designed to keep the interior of your vehicle cooler, and to protect the interior of your car, truck or van from the damaging rays of the sun.
  • When you don’t need to use it, this lightweight sun shade can be folded and put away.
  • The silver coating on this windshield shade has a silver coating to deflect the UV rays.
  • This is designed to fit all vehicles with windshields that measure 63.29-inches or less.
  • This would make a perfect gift for someone who has just bought a new car, or for someone who has gotten their first car.

Windshield Shade With EyesWindshield Shade With Eyes